Advocacy in mission

17 Lug 2010 | English

Advocacy in mission

Advocacy in Mission is a team of lawyers and magistrates formed in Rome in 1999, during the preparation for the Jubilee year, and in response to the invitation of the Holy Father, John Paul II, to bring Christ to their own places of work. It was created as an instrument of evangelisation, to proclaim the only Salvation, which comes from Christ. Its members are lawyers, magistrates, civil servants, politicians and so on. It is based in Rome, but also in L’Aquila, Pescara, Lanciano, Arezzo, Milan and Naples. It is even in Paris. It organizes conferences on CHRIST and pastoral and judicial education, within the judicial offices, inviting lawyers and magistrates to listen and reflect on talks given by qualified speakers. It intends to bring God among the magistrates and lawyers, because if man’s heart is transformed, so will justice, the society and the law; and so establish the Justice of God within the legal world, which transforms the injustice in people into justice.

For the people who want to give his own contribution (which can be taken out) there is the

post account N.: 58366337

out to: Associazione Avvocatura In Missione, Via L.Laterza n.30, S.Maria di Galeria, 00123 ROMA

IBAN code: IT 51 X 07601 03200 000058366337



There are three kinds of members:

ADHERENT MEMBER: is a member for one or two years, with the purpose of knowing the Association.

EFFECTIVE MEMBER: lay people around the world consecrated to the Holy Ghost. They conduct their professions and life in accordance with the evangelic principles.

MISSIONARY MEMBER: they are the heart of the association. They are consecrated to the Holy Ghost and they made vow of chastity, poverty, obedience.


If you  want  to become member of the Association “Advocacy in Mission”, you can complete the request.